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Arteko gallery of contemporanean art

arteko gallery was created in 1996 with the objective of bring art closer to people. We have turn two decades promoting work of numerous artists and presenting different exhibitions with the most current trends. The proposals alternate Basque, Spanish and international modern artists’ work of known prestige, with others of young creators and their new way of expression.

Our itinerary is uninterrupted. We attend to Spanish and international fairs, we make our own edits and put special attention to the artist´s books.

Come and visit us in the peculiar space of arteko. Enjoy contemplating its broad collection of the most diverse disciplines of the best artists.

Cristina de la Fuente –Manager of ARTEKO GALLERY

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2017 visiones de Donostia

Having celebrated the 20th anniversary of arteko and completed DSS2016, the gallery dedicates 2017 to the city of Donostia with the aim of making it known through art. It is a tribute to San Sebastián with contemporary art and its different artistic interpretations. This exhibition covers all of 2017 and continues the tradition of arteko from its beginnings in 1996 of organizing exhibitions which mainly focus their theme on the city: Many samples have been made over these past 20 years with works that treat of Donostia and its customs are for example: “Arteko: ciudad de San Sebastián” (City of San Sebastián), in the years 97 and 98; “Festival en el Kursaal, un homenaje al cine” (Festival in Kursaal, a tribute to the cinema, 1999); “Aquarium 2000”; “Caballos en el Hipódromo” (Horses on the racetrack, 2001); “Música Opera Verdi en la Quincena Musical” (2002); “gastrojazz.art”, in the 50th edition of Jazzaldia (2015), and the numerous presented works since 2013 focused on the capital, merging art and gastronomy, the capital of Gipuzkoa always being the background: gastronomical.art, gastroumami.art, donostigastro.art, mahaira..a la mesa, …

arteko gallery of contemporanean art
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